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Agreement with the Coordinator for the Study of Marine Mammals - CEMMA

On March 25, Conservas Antonio Perez Lafuente signed a collaboration agreement with the Coordinator for the Study of Marine Mammals - CEMMA to support their work of study and conservation of the mammals species and sea turtles present in Galician waters.

United by the common goal of preserving the marine environment, trying to spread information on endangered species and promoting the use of fishery resources in a sustainable manner. Through this agreement, the company is committed to financially support the activities of the CEMMA, which in turn will provide audiovisual material to be shown during promotional activities for the products of the company.

The Bonito's Atlantic coastal is of great interest because it develops on the road marked by the krill, which is the main food of the Bonito and many other species. For this reason, the tuna is accompanied in its navigation by whales and other cetaceans associated with the coastal. An important part of the local fishing community of the northwestern peninsula participates in this fishery, which usees traditional fishing methods and operates with small vessels.

The Funds will support the Thunnus 2011 Campaing scheduled for next summer, in which a CEMMA biologist will embark on the Bonito's coastal accompanying the fleet which operates between the Azores and the Bay of Biscay, to collect biological information on cetacean species associated with this fishery.