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2011 Seafood campaign begins

In time for the appointment with the autumn tides, fishermen from Muros and Noia started the cockles and clams season on the 14th of October.

The least urbanized ria off the Rias Bajas has a deserved reputation for raising the best cockle in the world, and therefore, fullfiling a ritual of decades, we attended the auction with which the day is finished to acquire the best specimens to manufacture our range products.

In these early days the fishermen were quite satisfied with the quantity and quality of harvested seafood. Prices were another story, since in the first auctions cockles remained below the price obtained last season, when the valuation of this delicious shellfish broke records. Clams, on the other hand, mantained its price compared to other years.

Our production for the 2011 season was started that same week, to provide our customers with the natural clams and cockles from our "Seleccion Perez Lafuente" range of products, as always with official certification granted by the Sea Concellería Xunta de Gaalicia "PescadeRías", ensuring that the shellfish comes from the Rias of Muros and Noia.

In the pictures you can see the seafood debugging, performedin our plant during the whole night with water from the estuary itself.