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Green energy

Consistent with our commitment to the responsible use of resources, we have used the new possibilities offered by the liberalization of the energy market to contract the supply of electrical energy with Gesternova, which supplies 100% renewable power.

This will reduce the impact the daily activity generates on the environment, with energy prices as competitive as the ones which come from polluting sources.

Besides reducing CO2 emissions, renewable energies report other less evident advantages:

- lowering of imported energy, limiting fossil fuel dependence.
- closeness to the power generation sources allows significant savings in distribution and transport infrastructure.
- the location of these sources, generally in rural areas, provides resources and jobs in counties with population problems.

The energy supplied by Gesternova has its origin certified by the National Energy Commission in the ITC Order 1522/2007 of the 24th of May, which ensures that the energy we consume comes from a 100% clean source.