Since its founding in the early twentieth century, the name Lafuente Perez has represented the continuity of a family tradition for the fishing processing industries, both salted and canned.

A pioneer in the cultivation and marketing of shellfish from the Galician Rías, the firm Conervas Antonio Pérez Lafuente has excelled in the quality of their raw materials and it's products processing chain, becoming a benchmark in this increasingly competitive and demanding sector.

Our factory is located in Vilanova de Arousa, a coastal town on the Atlantic coast of Galicia, a privileged area of the peninsular northwestern. This allows us to acces the Ría's wealthy supply of fish and shellfish at optimal freshness.

The business name PANDOMAR reflects the exclusive artisanal work that has differentiated our product, a manufacturing process based on the exploitation of marine resources in a rational asustainable way.

Historical review of the Pérez Lafuente Family in the fishing processing industry.