What do we want to convey by incorporating this logo into our products?


True to the commitment that we took when we started this adventure, and supporting the responsible use of marine products, we are pleased for the achievment of the goals we set: to ensure that all tuna that comes into our factory has been rod-fished.

Both the Yellow-fin clear tuna and of course the Bonito del Norte Tuna, come from the  Atlantic fisheries which use the rod fishing method, similar to the anglosaxon pole and line method. The fish is brought on board one by one and discards or protected species without commercial value are removed, minmizing the fishes suffering and maximizing the quality of the product.

This fishing form has favorable reports from environmental organizations, which consider it a realistic alternative to ensure the stocks, avoid discarding and maintaining the lifestyle of the local maritime communities, avoiding the massive industrialization of fishing conducted by large trawlers.

Altough satisfied with the achieved goals, we don't forget that there's more to do, and if we don't strive to find effective solutions, the richness of our seas will remain under threat.